white sand

Review: Soggy Dollar Bar!


Soggy Dollar Bar
White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands
N 18° 26.46′ W 64° 45.84′

Made semi-famous because of its version of the Pina Colada, aptly called the Painkiller, the Soggy Dollar Bar recently became one of the world’s choice destinations, thanks to the Travel Channel, which named it one of the Top 10 Places to get a Drink. And I couldn’t agree more. The Soggy is truly a must visit for anyone sailing through the British Virgin Islands.

For starters, the name fits perfectly. Soggy dollars are traditionally a result of sailors swimming from their moored boats to the beach for some fracas, but even if you play smart and put your money in a dry bag, it will be wet before long. From constant dips into the turquoise waters to your friends dumping Painkillers on your shorts to the ‘house dog’ licking your pockets/ass, your dollars will get wet.

 ring game soggy view soggy hammock

Once you are good and numb, try the ring game! Crew rules involved taking 10 spins before each turn, and a drink of Painkiller for each miss. You are free to draft your own rules, like we did, or play by Soggy’s house rules, which I think I remember involving some sort of topless, over the shoulder shot.

At the point where you and your crew start saying uncle from the sun and painkillers, take extraordinary care in getting back to your boat safely. Falling out of a dingy is dangerous.

The next morning greet your hangover with a bloody marie, and a yummy breakfast at Soggy’s. Pick up a t-shirt!

There’s not much more to say that the pictures and video don’t capture. The Travel Channel was spot on. Get there, and get hammered in pure paradise. You’ll be a bit more pirate than when you arrived.

soggy view soggy-dog soggy sign